Meet Colleen

Colleen Batchelder is a serial entrepreneur and sought out intergenerational consultant and motivational speaker in her field.  She’s the CEO and Founder of LOUD Summit, a global movement that is inspiring millennials and generation z to live out their destiny and make an impact with their life.

Colleen is the creator and host of the LOUD Conversations, a powerful podcast that highlights the lives of young leaders from around the world living out their destiny and making their mark on history.

In 2017, Colleen launched LOUD Summit and started a movement that can be felt from around the globe. The conference has since become a thriving organization, presenting dynamic workshops, online communities and multiple summits throughout the United States.

Colleen is a relatable, charismatic, engaging and highly educated in her intergenerational dynamics and communication. Her talents include, but are not limited to: digital marketing, organizational branding, understanding and achieving the entrepreneurial mindset, copywriting and website design.

Her social platforms reach a variety of professions, ages, and geographical locations. She has been published in a variety of magazines, online forums, and university forums. Colleen’s articles have been shared countless times and continue to engage new readers daily.

Colleen has consulted with nonprofit organizations, startup companies, entrepreneurs and church leaders. All of them have been impacted by Colleen’s presentations and seen the wonderful benefits of implementing her expert advice. If you’re looking for a speaker or consultant who will create change within your company and help you get to the next level of leadership, contact Colleen below.


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Colleen is effervescent, thoughtful, and quick to follow up. She’s also is uber-connected! Whether you’re hiring her or attending one of her events, Colleen is someone you want in your corner!

Colleen is a bright, gifted and passionate woman. She is a go-getter, and will stop at nothing to accomplish her goals and dreams. She is a very talented speaker, and is not afraid to approach difficult topics in her quest to challenge and ignite her generation for Jesus Christ. Her education and world experience contribute to her unique platform and delivery style that keeps audiences engaged and inspired.

I have had a chance to witness Colleen’s passion and I can attest that she is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable young woman. Colleen is organized and efficient, and has an excellent rapport with people of various backgrounds. I’d highly recommend her as I believe she has a bright future ahead of her.

Colleen is very bright and focused on spiritual impact and life transformation. She is also articulate and expressive in her communication skills. You should get to know Colleen!