Dr. Colleen Batchelder

Why do we need to understand Millennials and Generation Z?

“Millennials believe the most important trait to eradicate social discrimination is ensuring that there is respect for diversity.”

– Business Wire

This includes all forms of diversity.

For Millennials and Generation Z, diversity is not a surface display of equality. It is a collaborative expression of all people forming the organization’s values, environment, leadership-structure, and branding. In many ways, it is the expression of differences coming together to form a unified space of inclusion, purpose, and social good.

So, why am I so passionate about creating companies where Millennials and Gen Z want to work?

I’m a Millennial

I understand what it’s like to struggle for respect and prove that you’re not like “one of them.” This feeling of “otherness” has not only given me the push to move forward and speak for my generation. It has also compelled my feet, hands, and mouth to be a voice for the marginalized.

I’m a Scholar

I understand generational differences from an educational background and experiential framework. My words are not simply opinion-based. They are well-steeped in research.

My doctorate in Leadership and Global Perspectives gave me a globalized and intergenerational perspective. This means that I am able to view generational characteristics from a sociological, theological, anthropological, and ethnographical lens.

I’m Globalized

I understand that generational characteristics are not simply an issue within the United States, but a universal problem throughout the world.

My educational experience in London, Yorkshire, Hong Kong, Tuscany, Rome, and Oxford not only confirmed my theories of generational differences. It also furthered my passion to develop a platform for leaders from all sectors so that they could bridge the gap and create successful organizations of diversity, inclusion, and equality.

I’m Determined

I understand the work that is required to change biases and create spaces of diversity, inclusion, and equality.

I am determined to help leaders succeed in bridging the generational gap, because if they don’t, incredible companies will become obsolete and nothing more than a memory. I refuse to let that happen on my watch–not when there’s a solution that will ensure organizational success.

Millennials and Generation Z can seem unconventional and inconvenient, but I assure you, they are far from irrelevant.

Dr. Colleen Batchelder